Studio policies


Please remember to be courteous, respectful & mindful to fellow Students & Instructors while in & outside the Studio. Please keep talking to a whisper if seeking assistance during class as not to disturb other Students. Any yoga props used during class should be kept within your personal space. 

We understand the Trapeze is fascinating, different & an eye catcher for most! We respectively ask that friends or family not "hang around" to watch, it can make others uncomfortable. We do invite those to take part in our FREE 30 min Discovery Class & check things out! Be sure to ask for details! 


At Trapeze Yoga® there is a NO SHOE policy in the Studio OR on the mats. We have shoe area up front, with a very colorful shoe shelf to hold them. If you are wearing shoes that DO NOT fit, please try two OR use the bench cubbies. Thank you for helping keep our Studio a clean environment!! 

With today's fast tech world, we understand the desire to have your cell phone with you in the Studio. We ask that you please keep your ringer turned OFF upon entering & keep it safely away (in a yoga bag, book bag etc.) in the back. The Studio is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.