About Slaine


The Trapeze Yoga Instructor

Slaine is what she would call; a 'professional laugher' - as the old saying goes - "laughter is the best medicine" she is ready to share the frequency with anyone ready to smile. An energetic fighter, free spirited, sweet tooth connoisseur – forced clean food junkie, entrepreneur at heart; who is eager for life. This young soul is no stranger to hard work or a challenge. 

This DC/Maryland native has never been able to keep her feet planted on the ground. With a very curious eye – Slaine is always looking for new ways to stay busy/active and also help her local community. As a child, she grew up living between the rural area of outskirts of DC and living with family in the mountains of western Maryland, running barefoot, climbing trees and of course, hanging upside down! 

In 2011, Slaine started one of the very first Organic cake companies located in Decatur, Georgia from her home called "Blazing Cakes." An amazing organic cake company specializing in gorgeous, elaborate, rich birthday and wedding cakes, cupcakes and cake pops. 


 In early 2015, Slaine started experiencing some upper body weakness and came across the YogaBody Trapeze®. A simple yoga prop used to decompress the spine through inversion alleviating tightness, stiffness; allowing for better blood flow throughout the entire body. After consulting with Lucas Rockwood, founder of the YogaBody Trapeze®, they decided to launch a Yoga Teacher Trapeze Training (YTTT) program at the UGA Dance Campus in Athens, GA March 2018 - where twenty other Instructors and Slaine became the first group of Certified YogaBody Trapeze® Instructors to be trained in the US. Now there are over 200 Certified Yoga Trapeze® Instructors worldwide from the West to the East Coast here in the States!!


 In March 2019, just one year later, Slaine hopped back out to Athens, GA help train another set of AMAZING women get trained, turned right around and celebrated the opening of her first studio, "Trapeze Yoga by Slaine" (TYBS) located in downtown Alpharetta off North Main Street. Shortly after Slaine took to the skies, in November that same year she received her second YogaBody® Certification for "Gravity Yoga" to further her education. Learning has become a way of life for Slaine, nowadays she is studying with Emily Fletcher, Founder of Ziva Meditation® to become a Meditation Teacher. Slaine is also the founder of a upcoming non-profit called SuicideStrong: the beginning steps towards closing the gap between the misguided, mislead and left alone; here in our very own community.