I am a Beginner, what kind of classes should I take?

As a Beginner Student, you're required to take a FREE 30 min Discovery 

class with an Instructor before starting any 60 min class, we have several 

Beginner classes each week. The Instructor will let you know as you advance 

to the next level, each person is different.

Do you offer Kids Student Trapeze classes?

Currently, we do not offer classes to children under the age 

of 12 - who must be accompanied by an attending guardian,

unless otherwise previously worked out with

 Management. (ie. sports related group classes)

If I have an injury, what should I do?

If you have an injury of any kind to the body, please let the 

Instructor know before you begin class, as you may 

need to be cleared by a physician.

Do you offer Private Trapeze classes?

Yes!! We do offer Private Trapeze classes! For one hour we close the 

Studio down and focus just on You! Prior to your session, our Instructor will 

discuss your intended goals with you and create a workout just for You. 

Then schedule a date & time that works best for both.


 I feel nauseous after using the Yoga Trapeze. Is this normal, should I be concerned?

For some people, inversions can make them feel a bit dizzy at first. We aren't used to hanging upside down like a monkey, we walk upright. Your body simply needs to adjust. In time, with practice, you should be able to use the Trapeze without any nausea or dizziness. Take your time, go slowly, breathe. & always listen to your body. Most people find these sensations pass quickly.


Is it OK to hang upside down in the Trapeze 

while on my period or during PMS?

Absolutely! In fact, many women feel better after they get in a good Trapeze Yoga workout in. We recommend you always listen to your body, remember everyone is different.

Is it okay to eat or have a snack before I 

workout in the Trapeze?

Generally, we do not recommend Students workout or invert within 2 hours of eating. Some Students like to have a small snack beforehand like granola. 


  Can older people like seniors use this?

There are Trapeze students of ALL ages ranging up into their 60’s, 70’s and even their 80’s!! As always though, it’s best to speak with your doctor.

What is the weight limit of the trapeze?

The maximum weight on the Yoga Trapeze is 350 pounds (158 kg) and weight tested for up to 600 pounds (272 kg).

Is the Yoga Trapeze good for beginner back pain

relief and increasing flexibility?

The Trapeze can certainly help with back pain and flexibility. To get rid of lower back pain, we would suggest starting with a few minutes a day just hanging upside down. It’s good for your spine and it feels great.

Can people with high BP use the Trapeze?

Generally, it is not recommended that people with high or low Blood Pressure use the Trapeze.

If you have issues with either one of these, it is advised that you speak with your doctor.

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