About Slaine

The Trapeze Yoga Teacher

Slaine is what she would call; a 'professional laugher' as the old saying goes "laughter is the best medicine" she is ready to share the frequency with anyone ready to smile. An energetic fighter, free spirit, resilient, sweet tooth connoisseur – forced clean food junkie, entrepreneur at heart; who is eager for life. This young soul is no stranger to hard work or a challenge. 

This DC/Maryland native has never been able to keep her feet planted on the ground or be quiet, she can talk even as she falls asleep. Keep track of time. With a very curious eye – Slaine is always looking for new ways to stay busy/active and also help her local community. As a child, she grew up living between the rural area of outskirts of DC and living with family in the mountains of western Maryland, running barefoot, climbing trees and of course, hanging upside down! 

During the early years of Slaine's life, she was involved in a severe car accident that took her life, quite literally, with the amazing support of a determined mother and the local fire department team after twenty-one critical minutes; she breathed, asking for someone to please put on Reba the radio. Slaine would spend most of her childhood days in occupational and physical therapy determined to rehabilitate herself with the help of a great team of doctors Slaine successfully learned how to walk again. After years of taking yoga, Pilates classes and rehab therapy to build up strength in her legs, it became clear to specialists something else was going on, not caused by the car accident that would take a long time, lots of medical testing and more dead ends than one could recall. 

Thankfully in 2017, at the same time Slaine discovered the YogaBody Trapeze while scrolling an online social media account, unable to sleep with chronic back pain she finally came to a closing with her medical issues, several connective tissues disorders. The YogaBody Trapeze has allowed for muscle growth and strength, a tighter core, helping protect the weak ligaments, decompress the spine alleviating tightness, stiffness and allow for better blood flow throughout. 

Slaine is also the proud mama of two beautiful children, two furbabies, and married to an incredible kick-ass Criminal Defense attorney she gets to call hubby. Slaine is also the founder of a non-profit called SuicideStrong, the beginning steps towards closing the gap between the misguided, mislead and left alone, here in our very own community. After growing up in many isolated emotionless homes, she understands how important it is to keep the lines of communication open even through dire times, through the use of meditation, Trapeze Yoga and communication she hopes to bridge gap in between.