Come Fly with Us @TrapezeYoga

If you suffer from back pain, stiff hips or tight joints it's time to check out Trapeze Yoga! Focus on alleviating back pain using your own body weight & inversion yoga to naturally decompress the spine! Take traditional yoga up off the mat for a fun, relieving & invigorating experience for a variety of ages! Creating space between the vertebra (spinal traction) we alleviate back pain, building core & grip strength while improving flexibility! Dynamic postures on the Trapeze allow us to achieve deeper, passive backbends, splits & hip openers you can't achieve on the mat with traditional yoga!


Strength • Flexibility • Balance

Lack of Strength, Flexibility & Balance = Stress & Tension in our bodies; the leading causes of injury/chronic pain to neck, shoulders, back muscles, hips, & the upper legs here in the US, a staggering 80% in fact. Our lives can be demanding, from home to work life or extracurricular activities - we are sitting, hunching over, lifting heavy objects, carrying children lacking movement all which contributes to what we call "locked up" spine, making us way more prone to injury. An inversion system like the Yoga Trapeze® allows us to create space within the vertebrae; when pulling is added to pushing, twisting & holding, we add a new level of dynamic workouts to yoga, strengthening our core deeper, working ligaments & muscles not normally touched (our Posterior Chain/Core). 


Check Out Class for FREE!!!

 If long-term spinal health is something you're looking for, flexibility & movement are essential key components to achieving that definitely come check Trapeze Yoga out for FREE today! ALL New Students receive a FREE 30 min Discovery Class, the perfect way to see if this is for you! Check out Trapeze Yoga out today & use gravity to Strengthen your Core, create Flexibility & Build up Balance  within the body. Bring a friend or two along to join in, we ALWAYS enjoy trying new stuff together!